Season 2018 - 2019 Handicap results in order of corrected times:

Ray Maki Series in summary:

RM1 Imagine, Boomaroo, Warrior, Tintagel, Valentine, Tiercel, Rosie (dnf)

RM2 Imagine, Boomaroo, Warrior, Tiercel

RM3 Boomaroo, Sundance, Tiercel, Imagine, Valentine, Tintagel, Warrior

RM4 Drizabone, Imagine, Sundance, Warrior, Tiercel, Tintagel, Valentine

RM5 Boomaroo, Warrior, Imagine, Sundance, Tintagel, Valentine, Rosie (dnf)

RM6 Tiercel, Sundance, Tintagel, Valentine, Imagine, Warrior.

Festival race – same as RM3 above.

Irwin Trophy
Drizabone, Boomaroo, Tintagel, Sundance, Tiercel, Imagine,Valentine, Rosie dnf, Warrior, dns

Round Mud Island:
Valentine, Tiercel, Tintagel, Boomaroo, Sundance, Imagine.

Champagne Stern-chaser:
Drizabone, Tintagel, Boomaroo, Warrior, Imagine, Tiercel, Sundance, Rosie, Valentine ret’d.

Channels Race:
Rosie, Drizabone, Tiercel, Valentine, Warrior, Imagine, Boomaroo.

Cole Cup:
Boomaroo, Warrior, Valentine, Imagine, Tiercel, Rosie.

Lady Skippers Trophy:
Sundance, Valentine, Tintagel, Drizabone, Tiercel, Maud, Boomaroo, Imagine, Warrior.

Commodore’s Cup:
Maud, Drizabone, Boomaroo, Valentine, Warrior, Tiercel, Rosie.

The Cec Anderson series in summary:

Cec Anderson 1: Sundance, Drizabone, Tintagel, Boomaroo, Warrior, Imagine, Valentine, Tiercel, Rosie (dnf).

Cec Anderson 2: Valentine, Sundance, Tiercel, Imagine, Boomaroo, Tintagel.

Cec Anderson 3: Sundance, Boomaroo, Tiercel, Tintagel, Valentine, Imagine, Rosie dnf.

Cec Anderson 4: Sundance, Boomaroo, Tiercel, Valentine, Imagine.

Cec Anderson 5: Sundance, Tiercel, Valentine, Tintagel, Imagine, Warrior.

Cec Anderson 6: Sundance, Boomaroo, Imagine, Warrior, Tiercel (dnf)

Maritime Festival race:
Sundance, Valentine, Warrior, Imagine, Tiercel, Boomaroo.

Lady Nelson Trophy:
Valentine, Sundance, Tintagel, Boomaroo, Imagine, Warrior, Drizabone dnf.

At the Presentation Night Dinner on Saturday 4th May 2019, held in the Clubhouse, the aggregate winner was Boomaroo, owned and skippered by Tom Hinton.